PalmFollowing CDDeck

So it was Christmas !! .World was delighted and happy with all the cakes,dinner and gifts, but me? well i had an itch to scratch :p So here is something i hacked after spending lots of time dealing around with Node.js,MEAN stack and backend stuff which became at once mundane 🙂 (Hey i love that too, but making something, is refreshing :p )


So what happens in nutshell is CD deck follows your hands.

if you push your hand towards deck then deck moves inside, and if you pull your hand back, voila deck follows out towards your hand.This is how it works like an enchanted CDDeck that follows your palm!

I Scavenged old CPU for CD deck, figured out the working and connected it to Motor driver L293D.Basically a motor driver is used to protect micro controller from BackEMFs from motor and also to provide Motor with higher currents and voltages needed for operating(Which arduino ofcourse wont tolerate).
Motor driver was connected back to Arduino .

Opened CD Deck, with internals figured out

Now HCSR04 ,an ultrasonic range finder module is connected to arduino and uses NewPing library. HCSR04 is placed on cd decks front portion.

HCSR04 mounted on CD deck. connected to arduino


Arduino is coded to obtain distance to palm from CD deck’s front. Distance between 4 and 6 cm is designated to be stable. if distance less than 4 cm then arduino sends signal to Motor driver which in turn pulls deck back.
New distance is found and compared again, if it is in stable zone then process is halted. else continues .

Final Product with Motor drivers and stuff

Similarly if distance is more than 6 cm then arduino sends signal to motor driver to push the deck forward and again new reading is taking and compared and soo on.

The Striking feature here is System always wants to be in equilibrium. So it automatically adjusts itself.

This process sounds complicated , is very easy to be coded.

Hence the system acts as one whole entity, with its own sensor and actuators with brains and balances itself to stability.

Schematics of PalmDeckFollower


Have a look at video and happy making and hacking till then
( article to come soon 🙂 )



PS: Github link for code
Github link
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